Weekender Dome Tent

Perfect for those weekends away, the Weekender is a large single room tent with Ventraflow panels on both sides, and large front and rear door.  The front and rear awning can be erected with 3 adjustable poles so that water does not pool in the rain.  Optional Awning Side Walls will give added protection o the awning area, creating a proper all weather awning areas not found on other dome tents. In conjunction with the large floor to ceiling inner windows, the Ventraflow panels allow a cross-flow of cool air down low where you sleep on those hot Australian summer nights.


The Weekender, Heron, Bedarra and Brampton all feature the same Hornet Pole system as the Weekender tent.  This pole structure provides strength and stability and creates excellent headroom and internal space.  Each tent has large doors and windows for maximum ventilation and internal door and window covers for privacy and draft protection in cooler months.  100 Denier HiCount Fabric on the outer fly gives superior strength, durability and excellent waterproofing.  The use of Outdoor Connections unique UV_PROTEK treatment provides maximum resistance to fabric degradation from the damaging effects of UV light offering longer life to your camping home.


  1. Large single room 280 X 270 cm. The end walls are only mildly sloping maintaining good head height almost the entire length of the tent. This makes for a much greater useable area in both rooms and a cooler more comfortable, open environment.
  2. 205 cm internal centre height.
  3. Tent fabric of densely woven extra strong 100Denier HiCount polyester with UV-PROTEK for superior longevity in harsh conditions. The fabric is also treated with fire retardant for your safety. 2000 mm + Water Head ensures excellent rain protection in heavy rain. Heat taped seams ensure the seams are as waterproof as the rest of the tent.
  4. Hornet pole system including a centre ridge pole creates outstanding stability. The Hornet pole system helps maintain the height out towards the side walls, creating near vertical side walls for exceptional internal space. Fibreglass poles are 12.7mm diameter for strength and stability.
  5. Ventraflow panels ensure you get cool air at bed height. Ventraflow panels have internal privacy covers which zip from the bottom up if you wish to raise the window height in cool conditions.
  6. Large windows on each side of the tent with internal privacy screens.  The outside awning is eyeleted so that it can be pegged or poled out.
  7. Omega door at each end of the tent so that there is maximum ventilation from all directions. All Omega doors have privacy screens.
  8. The Omega doors are covered by an external door in the fly which can be erected as an awning. These awnings feature a three eyelet system and are sewn to the body of the tent in Outdoor Connection’s unique design so that the awning has a peak along its length and can be set up to allow water to run off during showers.
  9. Three adjustable height awning poles are provided.
  10. All door and window mesh is No-See-Um ultrafine mesh.
  11. Power Cord access x 2.
  12. Door locks for security while you are away.
  13. Organising pockets provided to keep those small items from being scattered.

Optional awning side walls available.